Movement Event Maart

Do you want to move free, have fun and become a better athlete?

  • You become stronger and more elastic

  • You will Think faster & react faster

  • You will Feel free to move

  • The creativity inside you becomes real

  • You discover your own body better and more



From 10h to 11h you will experience a diversity of movement practices and exercises that will take you out of your comfort zone.
The movement practices are creative games.
In these games we practice awareness, elasticity, reaction, and much more..
The concept is based on Fighting Monkey practice.



We consider movement to be the means for survival, knowledge, creativity and pleasure.

Fighting monkey is an innovative movement practice with the applications in various fields such as sports, martial arts, communication,.. .

We created fighting monkey out of a burning need to develop as humans through a practice that would nourish our passion and love for life.

FM creates “Movement situations” that help you transform training into activity that positively affects your daily life.

FM allows you to test how valid is your knowledge and how creatively adaptive you are when you encounter the unknown.

FM supports your potential in the field you want to excel.

Fighting Monkey / RootlessRoot






mrt 01 2020


10:00 - 11:30




Move to cure - Lieven Maesschalck
Move to cure - Lieven Maesschalck Antwerp Belgium
Ibe Vermeulen


Ibe Vermeulen


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