Becoming a football player at such an early age, I was always engrossed by the potential of the physical and spiritual body. Later on at 14, I started to learn more about Eastern medicine and healing therapies. I learned to create my own vision of life and started to build my own meditation practice.

This time focusing on the physical and spiritual human body inspired me greatly. Beside my passion for football, I spent time reading books about healing therapy, meditation, Ayurveda, Eastern philosophy and much, much more.

By reading these books I learnt a lot but became increasingly curious to experience these methods personally. I decided to go to Asia to learn more.

Since that decision to commit myself to travel and learn first hand, I've seen the world and studied with a variety of teachers: osteopaths, manual therapists, Ayurvedic therapists, yogi's, Thai doctors, athletes and fighters.

Now, equipped with the knowledge that I've accumulated and techniques I’ve added to my repertoire over the years, I'm helping athletes and Pro-football players with their own learning process.

Lets work together!