Personal training

Ready to MoveAware?

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    We will start by discussing your physical abilities, your current training schedule, your medical history and what you want to focus on through our work together. We will establish a goal that the sessions will be engineered towards, be it a new PB, developing a new skill, such as agility, or identifying and releasing areas of chronic tension in the body to free up access to movement and strength.


    We will run through a series of basic movements and exercises so I can observe the unique way in which your body’s limbs, muscles, joints and bones work together to create movement. All our bodies are different and it’s important to get to terms with structural alignment, balance and flexibility. This is an opportunity for you to really feel into each area, to understand how much movement is available to you and to notice where the body is restricting movement (often to protect weak alignment).

  • PLAY

    Now that we have identified a goal, assessed the body and learnt what areas of the body are available to us, we create movement to gain access the range of motion.

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