Sport Recovery

What happens during the proces

Our goal will be to awaken the chi that flows through your body. (Chi is the combined force of your autonomic systems – particularly circulatory system, endocrine, para / sympathetic nervous system and respiratory system.) When it is in full motion, and the stagnant areas are flushed out, you will become present to an infinite source of energy within you. You will become present to your power and natural skill.

Through the treatment sessions, you will experience a diversity of techniques and knowledge from Eastern based medicine. These techniques from Thailand and China have been refined over 2,500 years of practise, and passed to me by masters that I studied with on a one-to-one basis.

Equipped with these techniques, I'm helping athletes and Pro-football players with their own learning process.

This is an environment designed to put you back in touch with your natural abilities.


Why you need sport recovery

The sessions have a lot benefits for your physique and health in general. After a couple of sessions you will notice clear differences:

Less stress
Boosts blood flow
Increases energy
Strengthens the immune system
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At MoveAware helping people is our goal. Share your experience at MoveAware with your friends so they can increase their energy level as well. That way you will help us achieve our goal.
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  • You will receive one free session the next time you book a session
  • Your friend gets a 20% discount for his first recovery session

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refer a friend to MoveAware

"The recovery sessions made me feel more relaxed and I would recommend it to everyone"

- Ann Wauters, Professional Basketball Player

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